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February 4, 2016

Greeting Cards Have Arrived + KV Wishbox Giveaway

I'm back today with two big shop announcements! First off, a dream come true for me:


Printed greeting cards have come to the Streetlights at Midnight Collection at KV Designs! Previously, printable digital downloads were for sale, which still are, but now the real thing is too, complete with signature midnight blue envelopes.


I am SO excited about this! For right now, seven of my card designs are listed, and I'm working to get all 39 designs listed. But until then, here is this listing that will get you any of the printable greeting card designs in printed format that are not yet individually listed as such.


Now giving a special card to someone you love with chronic illness is even easier. And I promise you, doing so will mean more than you know.

In other news, a possible dream come true for you!


That's right--I've gone crazy and am having a KV Wishbox giveaway! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, hopefully you've seen it, but if not, there's still time to enter! It runs until Friday, February 5 at midnight EST, so just head over to Facebook or Instagram--or both!--to enter to win one wish, a $19 value, to be used by itself in addition to one or two wishes. I'd totally enter if I weren't the one running this show--that's a not-yet-released, free piece of jewelry of your choice!


If you miss out on the giveaway or aren't the lucky winner, don't worry--the KV Wishbox is still available in my shop until February 12 at midnight. The first Wishboxes are currently headed out to their recipients--I would love to send yours on its way too! (Inside info: want to know what those who have purchased a Wishbox are saying? It's really hard to pick just three! So I'm going to venture to say it's worth a try. :)

Happy entering, and good luck! 

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