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March 25, 2015

Health Update + Katya Valera Announcement

Well friends, when Life, KV Style officially ended, I said I'd still be back here if I ever had any big announcements to share. And while this is not the kind of post I was envisioning when I said that or when I decided to totally redesign my blog, I feel like I should probably share this news with you:

I'm having a huge sale at Katya Valera! What does that have to do with a health update?

If you've been following my blog long enough, you may have read how I found a doctor back in fall 2013 who determined there were many, many things wrong with my body that were causing my life-changing health problems, and how I saw him for nearly a year before my husband and I moved states.

While that doctor has drastically helped so many people, including my mother, who has MS and now has her own incredible success story with him, I was one of the few that was not greatly helped. I was somewhat, but not drastically, and the past few weeks especially I have been doing so badly it's like I'm back to being newly diagnosed and never treated at all. Clearly, even though I was tested and treated for so many things, there is something wrong with my body that has not been tested and treated. And we have to find out what that is.

So we have found a brilliant doctor three hours away that I will be seeing once I take many, many tests (believe it or not there are still things I haven't been tested for) including but not limited to Lyme Disease, Lupus, metal poisoning, and multiple gene mutations besides my already-discovered MTHFR gene mutation.

Once I get all those test results, we'll better know what the plan of action will be, but for now the plan is 6 months of treatment. Needless to say, these tests and treatment will cost thousands, with treatment costs rising even more based on test results. And of course these costs don't include expenses like driving the 6-hour round trip to this doctor, etc.

So what does this have to do with Katya Valera? A large part of why Katya Valera exists is that I simply love jewelry and jewelry making. But a larger part is that because of my chronic illnesses, I cannot work outside the home. So this is one of the few ways I've found to bring any semblance of an income to help with bills in general but specifically medical bills.

So while Katya Valera was once my small attempt to help with my usual abnormally high medical costs, it is now even more so as I begin this treatment. So I am having a BOGO 50% off sale, good on all items in my shop!


Unfortunately I'm too advanced for Etsy and you can't make a coupon code for this kind of sale, so there is not a code for this sale. Instead here is how it works:

1) Mention this sale in the note at checkout.
2) Check out with whatever form of payment you prefer (Paypal and Credit Cards are accepted) and I will promptly refund you half the cost of the lower-priced item(s). No limit on the number of items!

As if that's not exciting enough, I have also added 20 items to a new SALE section in my shop, where every price has already been reduced!

That's it! It's spring, there's all kinds of bright and happy pieces in my shop including tons of new ones, plus all the SALE items I just mentioned, so go ahead and beat everyone else to your favorites here! And please feel free to share this sale with your friends!

I hope to share updates in the future with answers as I get them, as I'm able. If you have read all of this, thank you! And I hope to see you over on Etsy. ;)

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