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May 30, 2014

My Friday Five: Best of May, Friends Facts, Aknu, and Andi

Don't ask me how on earth May is coming to a close. This is the fastest year in the history of the world, and I guess it'll be time to start Christmas shopping next week, huh? (I actually already got one Christmas gift this weekend at Woodchoppers ... oops.) But like it or not, it's time for a farewell to May and hello to June! Let's do a bit of reminiscing for My Friday Five, shall we?

1~ My top 5 pictures on Instagram this month of May, according to all you lovely people:


2~ Your all's favorite 5 posts of mine from May:

Easy Fried Broccoli {you guys liked that one extry good, as Andy Taylor would say...}

3~ Speaking of Friends, have you all seen these 25 [truly] fascinating facts about Friends? I won't give them away here, ... but Monica and Joey? Really??

4~ In other news, most of us probably know that Alex & Sierra won X Factor this past (and last) season, which I was thrilled about. But during the auditions, this group called AKNU performed, and I LOVED them. Here's their audition:

I have no earthly clue why they didn't make it past those yes's from the judges, but their EP finally came out this week. And this song from it is pretty awesome. You can't help smiling while you watch it--every move is as natural as breathing to them, and it kills me! :D

5~ Guys, as long as The Bachelorette is on, it's probably gonna make it on here. ;) Here's where we stand now:

Clearly, I rock at this. One of my top 2 picks, Carl, went home this week. And Marquel is not how I thought he'd be. Meanwhile, did you SEE how Josh M. was around Andi? He is so smitten and so giddy he can't even talk to her! And not in the I-just-met-you-and-I'm-in-love-with-you-to-the-point-of-tears, creepy way that often happens. Guys, they're perfect. Forget my picks for last week, I'm totally changing them:
  • It's gonna be Josh M. And they're gonna get engaged and get married and live happily ever after. :D
  • Top 3 will be Eric (his date with her was so sad to watch), Nick V. (who I don't think is quite as bad news as I feared he might be last week), and obviously Josh M.
  • The next Bachelor will probably be "the farmer" as everyone calls him (Chris) because based on what I've seen, America appears to love him. I'm still rooting for Marcus though.
Will I be back with totally different predictions next week? Gosh, I hope not but who knows. But I'm excited that it's finally on for two nights next week. Looks like it's gonna get ugly too... Leave it to The Bachelorette to make you look forward to Mondays. :P

And oh my gosh, did you know that Sharleen from last season has a website and recaps these episodes? I may be a wee bit excited now...

Can you believe June is already almost here? Did you see Aknu on X Factor? 
What are your thoughts on The Bachelorette this week? Be sure to come back tomorrow 
for this month's Short & Sweet special at Katya Valera!


  1. That house picture is gorgeous. You take really nice instagram pics! Mmmm fried broccoli sounds so good.

  2. I love that since I watch that show now I totally know everything you are talking about :-) That date was so sad! What a great idea for a post roundup of posts and insta. Thanks so much for linking up I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I agree. Its going to be Josh. And hes from ATL too so perfect. Great pics also! Have a great weekend!

  4. omg that friends article is hilarious. love it.
    love all of your instagrams pics too... so pretty. mmm easy fried broccoli yum!

  5. Beautiful pictures.

    Best, Mree

  6. I haven't watched The Bachelorette this season but haven't heard as much chatter about it as usual. My workplace is usually all talk about the show!

  7. I think I'm the only woman on this Earth who has never seen The Bachelorette lol. I DID however see the X Factor audition and I agree! They were good! Your Instagram photos are beautiful too!

  8. I love the pictures from your Instagram. I am loving the new season with Andi. She is so cool! I was sad when she let Carl go. I thought he was so adorable!

  9. I love how you diode your Friday 5...great ideas to share your Instagram pics and your top posts! Love it! Happy weekend to you!

  10. Ah I love the bachelorette. I'm a fan of Josh M too that was too cute when he couldn't even speak. I also like Marcus and marquel. I always think that the guys I can't remember their nes will get kicked off first be aide that means they aren't getting a lot of tv time. We'll see though. Do you know what time is comes on Sunday?

  11. Those Instagrams are gorgeous! Josh M is definitely a frontrunner for me too - I'm excited to see how it all plays out!


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