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November 3, 2014

6 Reasons I'm a Weird Southerner

I have always been a southerner. I was born in the very southern part of West Virginia, went to college in South Carolina, moved back home to West Virginia after, and just this summer moved to North Carolina. The South is the place to be.

But over time, I've realized that while I am indeed a southerner, I am quite indeed a weird one. See for yourself.

1 || I don't like football. At all. If you're from the South, you love football, and if you're from West Virginia, you are either a WVU fan or a Marshall fan or both. And I really couldn't care less about either. *gasp* Though, yes, I do have some brief, passing satisfaction when I see on Facebook that WVU won a game. Of course. I may not care, but I am still fleetingly loyal. ;)

2 || I don't go hunting or four-wheeling and never have. In that same vein, you'll never see me wearing any form of camo.

3 || Similarly, I have never been into the outdoors (how's that for a phrase?). I love nature and am a firm believer that WV is as beautiful as it gets, but I don't need to go out and be in it all day (nor could I if I wanted to). Hikes and walks and dirt never were my thing (just ask my sister about my constant refusal to go out and play when we were little), a dislike sealed by my inability to be very active now.

4 || I don't like brown beans and cornbread, the classic southern meal and my daddy's favorite. Just, ew. So I'm not too bummed I can't eat beans and corn now.

5 || Monograms. I don't get it. They are a trend right now but an extra southern one, and there is just nothing in me that wants my initials on things.

6 || You may want to sit down for this one... I don't like sweet tea. Or any tea at all. I never have and don't think I ever will. It smells as bad as it tastes. The only person I know of in my whole family who doesn't/didn't like sweet tea is my great-grandfather who died before I was born. Considering he also loved music, played the guitar, and liked the color orange--Kacie's official favorite color for the first 20 years of her life--it's clear we would have gotten along swimmingly.

Please note, if any of these apply to you, I clearly still love you, since all of these things that don't apply to me apply to all or most of my whole family. :) I just wish to illustrate: where in the world did I come from? I think it's pretty clear I must have been adopted from Russia, right? :D

Nonetheless, man alive do I love the South. (And don't you dare try to tell me WV isn't the south ... even if we were in the Union--that's a lesson for another day, children.) And though I'm no doubt a weirdo, I have well determined over the years that I am so grateful to be a southerner. At least I have an accent and say "y'all," right?

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  1. I don't know if we can be friends still... Just kidding! LOL! You might be a "weird southerner" but that's okay :)

  2. You don't like sweet tea....aw now I'm sad. Kinda haha! However I'm completely with you on thinking the outdoors is beautiful but just not for me (of course because of that I had to marry someone who spends an insane amount of time doing manly outdoorsy things)!

  3. Oh Kacie once again you kill me ;) I have to admit I'm not huge on football, but I enjoy dressing and cooking for the occasion. In a house full of boys I've had not choice but to watch it all my life so it helps I understand some of the rules too. However, and monograms and sweet tea!? Oh my my. I think monograms just add such a girlyness to everything I can't get enough..may the monogram-world brace themselves when I get engaged/married. ;)

  4. haha! This had me laughing while reading, esp #6 "you may wanna sit down for this one..." - I LOVE tea, but I don't like sweet tea. In fact, I don't ever put sugar or honey in my tea and my husband always thinks it's so weird. Now that we're moving to the south, it will be interesting to see if certain things change. (Although I will never ever hunt... it's just not how I grew up!) PS- I didn't know you have an accent! Will you do a Vlog and show us?! :)


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