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November 18, 2014

Music Love Tuesday VI: On Repeat

Back again for my favorite: Music Love Tuesday! Some new music has appeared since my last music post, incuding Nashville's Christmas album. Have you guys heard it yet? I have to say ... I'm disappointed with it and haven't bought any of the songs. Coming from a show that's known for original songs, wouldn't you think they would have included several such Christmas songs? But there are only a couple on there that aren't your usual, run-into-the ground songs. And having Clare sing "Santa Baby" and Connie sing the "Grinch" song, of all things? Really?? And who wants a duet of "Luke and Rayna" singing, when 98% of fans hate Luke? Sigh.

But! Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio are both working on albums to release next year! AND THIS IS HOW EXCITED THAT MAKES ME!!! !!!!!!!!!  :D :D :D :D!!!

Moving on...

More new music released in the past week or so is Angie Miller's long-awaited EP. This girl turned down a record deal to let her faithful fans help fund her first album through Pledgemusic, which is both gutsy and interesting. (Though I cannot now find where I read that.) I looooved her when she was on American Idol what now feels like ages ago. However, like the Nashville album, I haven't bought any of her songs either... I don't know why; it's not that they're all bad (a couple kinda are though...), they just don't make me have to buy them. Maybe her next album will.

So while a couple of new releases have not won me over, one in particular has!

And they replied! :D The little things...

Anyone remember Pia Toscano back from American Idol season 10 in 2011? She's one of those people that are SO good and so perfect you know they won't win. Know what I mean? America's odd like that. And she made it to 9th place. But now she's formed a duo with Jared Lee called 7EAST and released a single, which I promptly watched. And it was good, though for some reason it didn't feel like a song that would take off. And I also kind of wanted Alex & Sierra to be singing it, as it sounds a lot like them (especially Jared). So I moved on with other things, and then had the urge to listen to it again. Then over and over again. So I bought it. And now I listen to it over and over again. So I say, well done. ;)

And popularly paired with that song on repeat is this song I mentioned in my last MLT post:

Same story with it: it was good. Then I decided I love it. It's all about Audra.

And while I'm listening to that song of hers, I might as well listen to this one too. Which is exactly what I've been doing.

Other songs that have been rotated constantly the past couple weeks are, of course, Taylor Swift's new ones, namely Wildest Dreams, Clean, and Wonderland (which I would include here but can't find on Grooveshark or Youtube).

And! I managed to find a new favorite this past weekend, thanks to Pandora:

I had never heard of Tracy Chapman, and this song got my attention right away. I just knew it was a new song, as it totally sounds like it could be current (reminds me of Passenger, who I don't like, but anyway), however it's from 1995. Crazy!

So! What music have you been loving lately?
Have anything stuck on repeat like me?

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