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November 17, 2014

Country Roads Weekend

Well, this weekend we finally had the weekend trip to WV we were planning but that didn't happen a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I started out last week doing worse than usual (still don't know why ... besides the fact that I have a chronic illness, duh. Why does doing worse always surprise me?) Anyway, for that reason, and knowing I would be using all my spoons on getting ready for this past weekend, I decided that Life, KV Style would be quiet for the week.

But I'm back now, with some pictures of course!

I may not be a fan of fall, but even I agree that it can be gorgeous.

Always such a welcome welcome sign.

The view from my window. Always perfect.

And the necklace I whipped up for myself in time for the trip! I had the pieces for weeks now and just got around to it.

And the pretty but cold weather turned nasty for the trip back to NC.

It was horribly, terribly exhausting ... as all trips are ... but wonderful. We did get to go to the mall on Saturday and my bestest friend in the whole wide world got to come too, which was freaking amazing as always, and we met my grandparents for dinner. And I also got to give my daddy his late birthday gift and make him cookies like I was planning weeks ago. :)

So as I type this in bed, where I've been all day, I am grateful that my husband is superman and never ever gets annoyed at me for my body's shortcomings and takes care of me so amazingly. And I am grateful that this trip finally happened and we got to do as much as we did. You can take the girl out of West Virginia, but you can never take West Virginia out of the girl. :)

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  1. First, I was so excited to see your post pop up on my feed today because I was wondering about you all of last week. And second I love that necklace--so classy!


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