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November 21, 2014

My Friday Five: WV, Nashville, and New Blog Designs

Well, I'm glad it's Friday for an extra reason this week--Daniel and I are both sick, so thankfully he doesn't have to work tomorrow and we can both do nothing and try to get better.


1~ You know we have to start with Nashville, right? Am I the only one who promptly watches a new episode again the following night on Hulu...?

Okay, I didn't yet get to comment on the last, last episode. Why on earth did they skip 2 months between episodes?? We leave off with Gunnar finding out he's a dad, just to pick up 2 months later with it understood that everyone knows about his son now? And Zoey's still around? I feel robbed! SO many things happened in those 2 months that we didn't get to see--huge things that were just resolved quietly without us getting to see any of them!

Meanwhile, I believe this week's episode will go down as a classic. Just the whole situation of it being at the CMAs nearly the whole time made it special and exciting. And the scenes of Scarlett and Deacon watching at home were so funny, so good, and so real. They were awesome. I did find it very odd that Rayna's daughters weren't in it at all--if Micah could go, there's no reason Maddie and Daphne couldn't have, especially since their mother was up for a massive number of awards. And also, smaller detail, I really don't know how Sadie Stone won Best New Artist against Will Lexington if Will was constantly rivaling and sometimes beating Rayna in the charts and there was never a mention of Sadie coming close to any of that. So that felt rather unbelievable.

However, Zoey finally broke up with Gunnar, which was indeed believable and long overdue. And I would bet money that Scarlett's comment about being up on stage feeling lonely was a foreshadowing of a future career with Gunnar. Oh. yeah. :D

And Luke is just a 6-year-old boy who throws a fit when things don't go his way. Yes, writers, we hate him--now make him go away! An apology is not enough to fix what he did--Rayna should have called it all off that night. But she will. Right at the last second, right? Since we see by the next episode, it's Christmas and the wedding is two weeks away. (Which, incidentally, I bet that means there'll be a break in the show until the new year. Why do they do that to us? Is that normal with TV shows? Cause I've never heard of so many breaks.)

2~ Moving on, this video I saw on Facebook just made me all kinds of happy earlier this week. Gosh, I am such a West Virginian. :)

3~ Did you see all the songs I've had on repeat this week? What are you loving lately?


4~ While I'm still adding more and more supplies to that section of Katya Valera, I've also added a few new premade blog designs to my other shop, KV Designs!

A couple of minimalist styles:

See it live here // For sale here

See it live here // For sale here

And a shabby chic look with southern charm:

See it live here // For sale here

5~ And if you're still looking for dessert recipes for the holidays, I highly recommend these cookies/ice cream crumble I shared this week!


Happy weekend!

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