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November 25, 2014

MLT VII: 5 {More} Artists You Need to Know About

A few months ago, I shared 5 artists that I think deserve a lot more publicity than they're getting. I'd never thought of myself as someone who loves artists that a lot of people have never heard of, but I'm starting to realize that might just be the case! So for this Music Love Tuesday, I want to share 5 more artists you need to know about (aka nobodies who should be somebodies ;).

Chantilly || This first artist is actually a fellow blogger, which is actually how I found her! And whenever I find a blogger who's also a musician, I gotta listen. And this is one of my top 3 favorites of hers:

Unfortunately my two huge favorites of hers, "Escape" and "What You Do to Me," aren't on Youtube, but you can listen to them (which you should definitely do)--and buy them!--here! Love those two! I think she's slowly working on a new EP, and I can't wait to hear it.

Elka || So, I'd bet a ton of money you've never heard of this artist. ;) I'd even bet I don't personally know anyone who's heard of her--besides from me. Why? Cause she's Russian of course!

I discovered Elka (pronounced "Yolka") a couple years ago while watching Russia's version of X Factor on Youtube (what else?), where she was a judge, and I decided to look her up. Awesomeness. Her music is amazing, and Daniel even likes listening to her too! ;) And no, I don't know what all she's saying unless I look it up, but I do know the gist of my favorites. ;)

Here's one of my favorites of hers (won't let me embed), along with these (translated "Hot Air Balloon" and "Near You"):

Eva Cassidy || I first heard Eva Cassidy when Michelle Kwan skated to "Fields of Gold" back ages ago at the Olympics.(Anyone else remember that?)

I finally looked it up probably a couple years after that and discovered Eva Cassidy and her story. Unfortunately she died of cancer in 1996 when she was 33. I started listening to the rest of her music and found a couple favorites to go along with "Fields of Gold":

Audra McLaughlin || Of course you've heard me ramble about mention Audra before. But in case you missed it, here she is again! Not a clue how she didn't make it farther on The Voice, but I can't wait until she comes out with more music.

My favorite from The Voice:

And a duet she recently released:

Ryn Weaver || And finally, I found this artist through Abigail at Rites of Asylum and holy cow, am I glad she shared this song!

I know I've mentioned it here before, but I just Love, love, love it so much! I cannot believe this song isn't more popular by now, and I cannot believe this artist has only released an EP so far. So much good stuff is yet to come from her!

So, who are some artists you love,
especially ones that aren't shared nearly enough?

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