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November 7, 2014

My Friday Five: Yumminess, Reba, and Etsy

 Ah, Friday--one day closer to Wednesday. Right, Nashville people? ;) This whole skipping a week thing ... they really need to stop doing that. They did it constantly last season, so let's hope we aren't starting that again. Meanwhile:

1 || Did you see this week's Wellness Wednesday post?


It makes me so sad when people proclaim they're jumping on a healthy eating bandwagon ... and then give up within a couple days. Because, in my opinion, they're making one particular mistake. And I finally vented shared about it!

2 || And while most people interested in #1 are looking to cut things out of their diet, I'm on the exciting/terrfiying journey of adding things back in. The most recent discoveries? Almonds are out, but cashews are in. That's all the nuts we've established. But that's enough to let these be my current obsession! They remind me of blueberry NutriGrain bars from when I was little. :) And these are a close second.

3 || And speaking of current obsessions, I finished Nashville on Hulu a while back and then went digging for anything else I wanted to exhaust. Behold--Reba! So we've been watching that like crazy lately and are in season 4--the last season on Hulu. But I hear there were 2 more seasons, so I'm a bit concerned about how we'll ever track those down.

4 || I haven't listed new jewelry in my shop for a good while now (though that doesn't mean there aren't plenty already listed!), but I have been listing all kinds of supplies! Every jewelry maker has to have overflow to get rid of, right? So if you make jewelry or would like to--or hey, if you'd like to buy a bunch for a Christmas gift for the craft-inclined person on your list--you can browse them here! And there are tons more to come--I'm adding them as fast as I can.

5 || And speaking of Etsy shops, I've added one more option to my other shop, KV Designs: Etsy shop packages! I already have tons of premade Etsy banners for sale, but now you can also get each banner in a complete shop package with three banners, two avatars, and two special listing photos so your whole shop can be tied together! I currently only have a few of my premade banners listed in package form, but I'll soon have all of them listed--again, just as fast as I can! Of course, if there's one you'd like in a package that's not listed yet, just let me know and I will gladly list it for you.


And if you have a new Etsy shop or are looking to redo your current one and don't see what you're looking for in all my premade options, I also offer custom banners designs and custom design packages!

Happy weekend!

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  1. I am with you on the healthy eating bandwagon! Don't tell me you're eating healthy in between bites of burger! Nashville is SO good! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I used to be obsessed with Nashville! I never missed it, and then it went on a mid-season break and I completely got off track! Always loved the music in it!


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