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November 4, 2014

Music Love Tuesday V: Taylor Won

Well first of all, this happened...

Yep, surprising even myself, I decided to buy it. Thanks, Target, for holding bonus tracks hostage. I liked just enough that I determined I needed to just buy the whole thing. Hey, maybe I'll be one of the winners! ;P Plus, the voice memos are fascinating.

Now that I've heard all of the songs on 1989 multiple times, my favorites from last week mostly remain, the top 2 especially-- I love "I Wish You Would" and "Wildest Dreams," of course. Though I need to add "Clean" and "Wonderland" to the list, somewhere in there. I told you the more you listen, the more they grow on you! (Okay, but I really don't care much for "You Are in Love," "New Romantics," and "This Love." There, I don't love all of it.)

Meanwhile, in other music thoughts, after tonight's pointless episode of The Voice (you'd think they'd learn to quit doing those recap shows), we're finally to the live shows! And while I really don't have a favorite yet (am I the only one?) watching last night made me suddenly remember my favorite from last season: Audra McLaughlin!

So I promptly looked her up on Facebook, wondering how on earth I hadn't liked her page yet, to find I never refollowed her after unfollowing her during the competition to avoid spoilers. So I have been totally out of the loop on any developments! I quickly remedied that and found her on Twitter and Instagram also but sadly found she's released only a single, a duet, since the show. I bought it anyway. ;)

It's not the best song in the world, and Shawn is okay, but she could make the phonebook sound awesome. So now can someone please tell me why she isn't more popular yet?? Am I the only one who finds her voice absolutely remarkable?

I also found I hadn't bought any of her songs from the show, so quickly remedied that too by buying my two favorites. (I don't know what happened with me--I guess when she was eliminated, I just pouted?)

And now I want her to sing this song:

And speaking of Emily West, she's finally announced that her album is coming in March! I was really surprised that it's so soon--that's a ton of work in a short amount of time, but of course I'm glad. And I'm also happy for her that she's gotten a record deal, as she also announced, and I hope it helps her make the album of her dreams. And I have got a signed copy headed my way. :D Yeah, I'm always gonna throw that out there. :)

So! What music are you loving lately? 
Any favorites on The Voice yet?

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  1. Eek! I love her new album, I downloaded it on my phone. One of my favorites is Wildest Dreams too, and I'm not a huge fan of This Love either.

  2. Giiiirrrrllll you'll be happy to know that I caved and bought T's new album too... and I've listened to absolutely nothing else this week. My fav is Blank Space!!!

    1. Yes, I've listened to it so much since I bought it--and Blank Space is definitely one of my favorites too! The whole album really is such good happy dance music. ;D


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