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November 24, 2014


It's time for Grateful Heart Monday again, starting out this special week of Thanksgiving. So this week, I just want to list what I am most grateful for this year.

| A marriage that baffles me by its beautiful existence every day.

| A husband who chose me selflessly and loves me with his caretaking every single day.

| Music to capture life in a form we could never express and to not just get us through the day but add an irreplaceable element to it.

| A new, clean, beautiful apartment to call our home after a year of waiting, and a first home and family to go back to in WV.

| The gift of creativity, without which I would not be me.

| Continuing passions like Katya Valera and the joy the design process brings regardless of sales.

| Newly found passions, like KV Designs, where I can sit down and make a new blog or Etsy banner whenever I take the notion.

| Rediscovered passions and changes to come.

| Decisions reasoned through and made.

| That I know I'm sick, and that I'm not sicker than I am.

| So many more food options now than I was aware of just one year ago.

| Strides made in the effort to remove chemicals from my life.

| A God Who never goes anywhere, no matter how far we go.

Ember Grey: Grateful Heart

I still plan to be back tomorrow and Wednesday, but for now, have a great Thanksgiving week!

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  1. All of this, I love. "A God who never goes anywhere, no matter how far we go." Brings tears to my eyes. Our God is so, so good!


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