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October 1, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: New Foods Brought to You by My iPhone

It's been an exciting couple of weeks in the food area at my house! Since we recently moved to an area with all kinds of restaurants and new stores, I was excited about what all we might find that meets all my food qualifications.

I decided to go out on a limb a couple weeks ago and try the one thing at Red Robin that I could have: a burger made with sea salt, on lettuce, with onion and mayonnaise. (I have no idea what was in their mayonnaise, but supposedly not any of the 72 things I can't have, somehow). And cole slaw on the side, evidently made with that amazing, mystery mayo. I had no idea a burger with nothing but onion and mayo on it could be so good, but it was freaking amazing, as was the slaw. A-mazing.

Around the time of this momentous visit to Red Robin, we went to Whole Foods. I was ready to explore everything they had and was determined to find myself some awesome discoveries. An hour and a half in there brought a few, some fantabulous, some not. Here are the good ones. :)

The trip was worth it just to find this rice cereal. Imagine not having cereal in about a year, and then having a bowl with coconut milk and bananas. Oh yeah... 

And I hadn't had ham since I started my Repairvite Diet last fall and was wanting to try it again. Success! I think turkey bacon has been bumped for this ham microwaved to a crisp. And used to make my McGriddles? Oh man...  

I also used the ham in an omelet, along with onion. And it was amazing. Because ham is amazing. 

Ice cream!!! I also hadn't had ice cream in about a year and didn't even know they made coconut milk ice cream. It sure doesn't taste like coconut to me, and it is absolutely ridiculously amazing. Break one of these chocolate chip cookies (microwaved) over it, with melted chocolate on top, and this is so good there are not words...

And PIZZA! I said it was a big couple weeks! I'd been wanting to try out pepperoni in addition to ham, and it too was successful. Big thanks to this recipe as the basis for the crust. And I've already made it a few times...

And I had to try it as chicken pizza made with this chicken, though it wasn't quite as good. 

And more chocolate-chip-cookie-and-melted-chocolate-covered ice cream. Because I can. And you needed to see it again.

Yeah, it's safe to say I'm eatin' good. :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a big, big day around here! I'm excited!! :D

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