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October 13, 2014

It's the Little Things

For this week's Grateful Heart Monday, I just want to share the little things that I'm grateful for lately. As you've probably gathered by now, it's the little things that I tend to get the most excited about anyway...

~ I went to sleep before 1 last night and got up about 7. That's amazing considering I've been doing more like 9am-7pm on my latest sleep cycle. I'll probably have to take a nap here after while, but hopefully this will help me swing back into semi-normal hours for longer than it did last time.
~ The little (yet big) supplements and routines I've added over the past few weeks are actually helping in small but significant ways. And that is as encouraging as it is awesome.
~ I really love our apartment. We've only been here about two months, but I already know I'm gonna miss it when we move, since we don't plan to live in this apartment forever. It's so much nicer than our first apartment, and ...
~ I love being back in our own kitchen, and ...
~ I'm reminded how much I love our closet every time I go in it. We may have a tiny apartment, but the closet is huge.
~ You may have seen on Twitter that I discovered Hulu has the Nashville pilot and several of the first episodes for free. Now that I've exhausted those, I'm happily taking advantage of a free trial to watch the rest of season 1. Believe it or not, and I didn't even realize this, but I didn't start watching the show until about halfway into season 1, so it is so much fun catching up on all these details I missed. Funny how I love the show so much without having seen so much of the beginning. I also cannot believe how much has happened in just a little ways into three seasons! (And am I the only one who very easily forgets that the actors playing Gunnar and Scarlett aren't American? Blows my mind when I see them interviewed.)
~ Taylor Swift is releasing a new song tonight. I don't know if I'll like it, but just knowing one's coming is exciting. :) I don't love everything she's ever done, but I love enough of it and admire her enough to always be eager for the new stuff from her every other October.
~ Emily West recently shared that pledgers will be getting a download of "Chandelier" soon. Ho.ly. crap.
~ The Battle Rounds finally start on The Voice this week, and we all know that's when it really starts to get good.
~ And I have pizza in the fridge waiting on me for lunch or dinner. (Haven't decided yet.) And cookies made and ice cream to put them on. ;)

Yeah, it's the little things. :)

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  1. It's always the little things in life that are worth every big thing. Happy Monday!!

  2. That picture is SO pretty. Glad to hear you're starting to get some decent sleep and feeling pretty good! (I am totally hungry for pizza now.)


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