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October 28, 2014

Music Love Tuesday IV: "1989"

Man, it really seems like we just did Music Love Tuesday, but here we are again! And of course, considering I'm a Taylor Swift fan, you knew I had to devote this week's to her new album, right?

Okay, what do you think of 1989? I've seen mixed reviews--and that's pretty much how I feel about it too. I've never loved everything she's done--just a decent amount of her music, some of which I love, love, love. I do really respect her in many ways and think she is brilliant. And as a creative, I am excited for her about this album, even if I don't love it all. But, as usual, there are a few I really like and a couple I love. And I will say, the songs all grow on you the more you hear them. And also, as different as this album is, it's still Taylor, and therefore still oddly soothing to listen to and have on in the background. But that's just how my brain processes her music. :)

Now here I am, trying to list out my favorites, and the more I go through the songs the more I like and the harder it is to just pick a few--except for #1, which was a no-brainer for me--so we're going with my top 6. 

{Side note: Does "This Love" remind anyone else vaguely of "Holy Ground"? Just me?}

And as these aren't all on Youtube yet, we're having to go with the much less exciting version of Grooveshark.

#6 - Shake It Off
Yep, I didn't care for this one at first. Then it came on Pandora one day and made me happy, and now I like it. ;)

#5 - I Know Places

#4 - Blank Space

#3 - Bad Blood
As these top three are in a row (not in this order though) on the album, she was really on a roll here!

#2 - I Wish You Would

#1 - Wildest Dreams
This song is just soo pretty--the melody is gorgeous, enough so to make it stand out from the rest for me right away. The chorus is absolute perfection and just kills me. Again, brilliant.

Okay, so let me know! What are your favorites? 
Do you think she'll keep doing pop now?
If you love Taylor, be sure to check out my pre-"1989" top 10 favorites of hers!

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