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October 21, 2014

Music Love Tuesday III: Nashville Obsession

Are you tired of hearing about Nashville yet? Sorry! Cause we're all about Nashville today!

I discovered Nashville up late one night last year on Hulu and had no idea how much I would love it. It's kind of weird how much I do, because, honestly, things get pretty messed up on there, and there is so. much. drama. But two things are what do it: the acting is amazing. Your brain doesn't even register them as acting but as real people. And it's all about singers and songwriters. And that is just perfection and takes on a whole new level of love and meaning for those who are singers or songwriters, or even those who just have a deep love for music. 

The show is good, the storyline is good, the acting is amazing--but the extra layer of music chosen and often written just for this show is nothing short of brilliant. (Can someone please tell me why this music isn't all over the radio??) I only hope it continues for several more seasons. But even if not, rewatching all the episodes recently has helped me discover that I think I could go through them all and then start right over and go around again. And that I also need to just buy all of the albums they've put out instead of just my favorite songs. The music is awesome in its own right but when you love this show, all of the music becomes a special soundtrack of so many memories. So I just need to buy it all sometime. ;)

So, in the meantime, I wanted to share my favorite Nashville songs with you in order of awesomeness:


This moment was awesome. Enough said.



This song is not on iTunes, and that makes me very sad.



I really hope this show lasts long enough for Maddie to get old enough to go on tour and 
have all her own guy problems, etc.--so much potential for a wealth of drama. ;)




I didn't even realize how much I liked this song, or that it was on iTunes, 
until I went back through season 2 this past week. Love it.



And the song that trumps all songs. Which I also didn't really discover until my second time watching season 2. This is my very favorite song right now, and I think I could cry every time I hear it. Plus, it's an amazingly emotional song in the context of the show. But it was written for me, and they just don't know it. You can hear the full thing here.

So! Are you a Nashville fan? Do you love any of these too? 
Please tell me your favorites!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Nashville is the only show that I watch right now! It is my guilty pleasure. I got behind on this new season though so I am playing catch up right now! (and thoroughly enjoying it)

    1. It's definitely my favorite! Like ever (next to Friends ;). Rewatching all the episodes so far was so much fun... and now I'm in withdrawal! And may now be rewatching episodes the day after they air. ;)


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