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October 10, 2014

My Friday Five: Invisible Blood Moon, and Survey Says ... Not Much

Well, my huge, gigantic giveaway is over. Thank you to those of you who entered, and congratulations, Ashley!

Meanwhile, it's Friday! Therefore:

~1 So, the whole Blood Moon thing? I was up all night long and missed it. How? I have no idea. I tried to find online exactly when it was supposed to be and wasn't too successful. I'm pretty sure I looked around 2 AM and then again somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00. So, when was it supposed to be? (I clearly didn't try too hard.)

You're gonna see a lot more of this window before we move out of this apartment...

2~ Don't forget that if you filled out my reader survey, the $5 coupon code to Katya Valera is good through the end of the month! You can use it here, and there are all kinds of fall pieces for sale!

3~ If you did fill out my survey, thank you! Unfortunately, I didn't get enough responses to devote a whole post to the results, and I think one or two people were confused because one responder claimed they subscribe to my newsletter, which I don't have, and I had one complaint about "the ad spots." And I don't even know what that means, as I don't have ads. (Maybe they like seeing ads?) So all that to say, thank you to those of you who responded and also knew what blog the survey was about. ;)

In the responses I did get, I could glean a couple of commonalities. One of them is that Reviews are not your all's favorite thing to read. And they're not mine either! But if it helps, I do want to assure you that most of the time if I write a review, it's for an item that I'm trying out on my journey to wellness and clean leaving, so I do hope it's somewhat helpful for some of you to read my experience. Sometimes, things will just be free (hey, who doesn't love free? ;), but most of the time, these won't just be reviews for the sake of free stuff, but my findings on my quest to cut chemicals out of my life. Though I do have another super-positive (of course) book review coming up soon.

And for that I apologize in advance.;) Though I will say it went a tad better than it was looking at the time of this tweet.

But in my responses, I did get a request for a post on a certain topic that I totally plan to do and hadn't really thought of! You probably know who you are! ;)

4~ I started what I hope to be a regular feature this week! Did you see? I get so excited to share my favorite music!


5~ And PIZZA! Did you see?? Finally the recipe for the pizza I tantalized you all with last week is here!


This would be a great meal to make this weekend! I already had it two nights this week ... but that might not stop me. ;)

Have a great weekend, you guys!

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  1. That pizza looks so good!!! I have no idea what the blood moon is either.....thanks so much for linking up!

  2. LOVE your Music Tuesday post!! I absolutely can't get enough of Emily West and I hope she releases and album asap!! Alex & Sierra are beyond adorable too. :D


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