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October 3, 2014

My Friday Five: The Big Week Wrap-Up

Well, guys, it's been a big, big week, as predicted. But it was topped off by some extra happiness:

1~ I won my first giveaway!! I bet I have entered, I don't know, over 100 giveaways this year. And I finally, finally won. I got to pick a gift card to Amazon, which worked out amazingly--we were about to get a few things from there one night this week, but Daniel was too tired to finish and so told me to just put them in my cart and wait til the next night. And I won the gift card the next day! Truly amazing! :D Huge thanks to Meagan!!

2~ Did you see all the food I shared on Wednesday? Amazingness! Yes, yes, little things like being friends with pepperoni again just make my heart happy. :)

Could this be any yummier?? ;)

3~ And more importantly, did you get to fill out my reader survey yet? (Spoiler: You get a $5 Katya Valera gift card for filling it out--not entered to win one--you get one. :O) Aaand, did you enter my biggest giveaway ever? That's a lot of jewelry. Might wanna get on that if you haven't yet.


4~ If you're wanting to use that little gift card (above), you might like to know that I'm adding some more fall pieces to my shop! There are already things like these:

{Available here}
{Available here}

But we're really going fall with pieces like these!

{Available here}

{Available here}

5~ And meanwhile, is it just me, or is everyone and their mother coming out with a new album right about now? Colbie Caillat (feels like about a billion years since her last one), Alex and Sierra (which you can listen to the whole thing ahead of time here!), Taylor Swift (are we scared or excited about her first pop album?), Xenia (anyone know who she is?), and more--those are just the ones I can think of right now. Plus I found out Javier Colon is finally coming out with new music the beginning of next year, which is freaking awesome and way overdue. Not to mention Emily West's, whenever that comes out, but surely next year. It better--I have a signed copy coming!

Is there new music coming out that you're excited about? 
Have you entered a million giveaways too?
And did you enter mine yet?? :)

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  1. Congrats on winning the giveaway! That pizza looks delicious!

  2. Umm what is the deliciousness? I guess I'll be checking out your post from Wednesday to get the recipe!!


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