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October 7, 2014

Music Love Tuesday

You may have gathered by now that music is a huge part of my life. I have it on in the background allll the time. So since it's so important to me, I thought why not share what I'm loving right now?

I may make this a recurring feature here on the blog, though fair warning that you may see some of the same ones week after week. ;)

Good ol' Pandora has introduced me to all kinds of new favorites. When that happens, I generally hear a song, kind of like it, may or may not give it a thumbs up, and then when I keep hearing it, I realize I keep liking it every time and get happy when I hear it start, before I maybe even realize what it is. At that point that means I probably should go ahead and buy it. ;) This is one of those songs. It is so sad that Caitlin & Will didn't have more success. This is from the only EP they released a few years ago, and I would have loved to hear more from them, especially her. Her voice is very Danielle Bradbery, but with a unique element in there that I would have thought would make more people like her.


Alex & Sierra's debut album is finally here!! It's pretty good. And I definitely have my favorites, of course.

If you love this song, you've got to see them sing it live. Look how much fun they have!!

And if you'd like to see their insanely lovey-dovey selves sing this live, check out this video. I don't know how she doesn't end up crying at some point in every concert.(She very well might.)


Are you tired of hearing about Emily West yet? Cause I'm sure not tired of talking about her! So you better get used to it. ;) After hearing it over and over on "Emily West radio" on Pandora, I finally bought her song "Rocket Science." I'm sorry the link to its preview in iTunes is the only place I can find it! She's also offered free downloads of two of her songs to pledgers, which I just happen to be. :D And you can be too! She's already hit 200% of her goal, but it's still going!

This is another song of hers that I first found on Youtube. Of course, like all her songs available right now, they're all pre-AGT.

And of course, this song continues to get played all that time. It's been that way for over 2 1/2 months now... :)


And before I go, I gotta remind you about my reader survey (that includes a thank you at the 
end--not just a chance to win a thank you!) and my hugongous giveaway that ends Wednesday night!


 So! What music are you loving right now? Would you like to see this as a recurring feature around here? 
If you haven't heard some of these songs, you should totally listen to at least one--you might become as obsessed as I am! :P

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