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October 14, 2014

Music Love Tuesday II: Taylor Swift Love

In honor of Taylor Swift's upcoming new album, plus one of her new songs being released last night, I thought I would devote this Music Love Tuesday to sharing my most favorite songs of hers. I was a little late to the Taylor Swift bandwagon, only coming on board once I saw her debut "Back to December" on TV back in 2010. It was amazing. "Mean" became a quick favorite of mine too. I'm not a fanatic in the sense that I go out and buy every album she puts out (I don't think I do that with anyone), but I do really like a large percentage of her music and have huge admiration for her, and man do I love the songs I love. I also find her slower stuff very soothing to listen to.

I actually have a playlist of my favorites of hers, and there are 17 songs in it... So, I've endeavored to trim it down a bit for you guys to share my top 10 Taylor picks:









1 ~Tied

Yes, if I had to pick my absolute favorite, I'd pick these two. ;) They are two totally opposite ends of the spectrum but I love, love, love them both. One will always bump out the other depending on the day. "I Knew You Were Trouble" was a tad controversial among Swifties, but I think it is awesome. 

You can see I tend to go for the slow, sad songs, huh? ;) Doesn't bode too well for me loving this new album, but you really never know with me (see #1).

I do have to say I am a little unsure of how this new album will go. I mean, chances are good her fans aren't going anywhere--they are way too established and loyal at this point to leave her now. But I am very, very curious how it sounds and am quite eager to find out. No, I haven't pre-ordered it, but we'll see once it comes out if I feel compelled to buy the whole thing (which I'm prepared for).

So, for you fans out there, what are your favorite songs of hers? Do you like "Shake It Off" and "Out of the Woods"? And are we feeling good about this new album?

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  1. I love Shake it Off! Honestly, I wasn't too big of a T Swift fan before now, probably because I just generally like pop much more than country.

    1. You know, the first time I heard it, I was like, Awww man no... And then I heard it on Pandora and it made me happy, so it's won me over. ;) Well then it sounds like you may love her new album!!

  2. I love Taylor Swift songs--I firmly believe there's a song of hers that describes every season of my life. My favorite of hers is 'Ours'--we actually had that play at our wedding. I really love the new songs that have come out so I have high hopes for this new album!


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