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May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites: Audra, Mother's Day, and More Matryoshkas

Man alive this week was super fast, you guys! And I don't know why! But we get to celebrate my baby niece's 1st birthday this weekend, and I haven't seen her and my sister in months, plus one of my good friends will be there all the way from Texas with her little baby boy, whom I have yet to meet, so I'm good with the fact that the weekend has come! 

1) I know last week I was going on about American Idol. And while I think Jena Irene is where it's at, I also think The Voice is where it's at, not American Idol. Who's with me?? :)

I honestly feel like The Voice is filled with amazing singers ... and American Idol is all the wannabes. Sorry... Maybe it's because AI has an age limit and most of the contestants who make it far on the show are 21 and under, but that's just how it strikes me every week as the contestants perform. I feel like there are always a couple of clear leaders on AI and every season on The Voice it's anybody's game. I've gotten to where I can't even pick favorites on The Voice until weeks into it because there is just too much talent everywhere! And this season is no exception--it may actually be one of the hardest yet because it's just one insanely talented person after another and you really don't know who to root for!

But now that we're getting closer to the end, I just had to share: Did you see this girl on Monday night? Holy crap.

I feel like this performance is just as good as any celebrity singing at an awards show. Like her voice is what legends are made of. Think Martina McBride. As Adam said something to the effect of: that was as perfect as it could possibly be. Period. And she's live, y'all. None of this pre-recorded, touched up stuff. Now that is how you do it.

I know, there are so many other great ones on there, but I think I might have found my main one to root for. Come on, America!

2) A sweet reader recently left a comment on my post about my Gamma recommending that I look at the post that explains the basis for her blog. As soon as the page opened, I couldn't believe it:

If you've been around these parts much at all, you've probably gathered that I love matryoshkas ... and Russian. So for someone to just happen to have this poem as the basis of their blog's name--and bother telling me about it--was just crazy! Needless to say Julie now has a new follower over at Sum of Their Stories. And how fitting is this poem for Mother's Day?

3) Speaking of Mother's Day, when the idea for these bracelets occurred to me recently, I had no idea why I hadn't thought of it before.

But just as well because they've made it to my shop just in time for Mother's Day! I was so tickled with them, I just had to share:

One big one for mommy and a tiny one for her little girl. Both come as a set in whatever lengths you need, and they would be great for a special occasion or a mommy/baby photo shoot! The set is available in my Etsy shop, and there's still time for it to get to you by Mother's Day!

So tell me, do you agree with my view of American Idol/The Voice? Do you have a favorite on The Voice this season? And are you ready for Mother's Day? (And can you believe it's already time for it!? We just had Christmas, y'all!)

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