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May 8, 2014

This Day Four Years Ago + Graduation Sale!

{Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will be compensated if you purchase after clicking these links.}

I don't think I will ever forget May 8, 2010--the day I graduated from four incredibly hard years of college, that seemed like it would never come.

Yep, that's my Mommy. Thanks, Mom, and Happy early Mother's Day. <3

I walked away with a BA in Creative Writing (minor in History), lots of amazing memories, and, without knowing it at the time, a brand-new relationship with my future husband. (You can get all caught up on that here and here. :)

I was pretty proud of that there medal--Extemporaneous Writing Contest Winner.

Now that it's been four years--another whole college education's length of time--I can't help thinking about how my life has changed, and how I have changed, particularly in the health area, since then. But that's a story I want to share more fully with you next week, for another very special week here on my blog.

But back to the present, it so feels like I just graduated a couple of years ago--and now my little (okay, not so little I guess...) cousin-but-basically-second-sister is about to graduate this weekend. What is up with time, you guys??

That would be her, of course one of my bridesmaids. :) So proud of her... <3

Meanwhile, I know so many of you are about to celebrate graduations--from kindergarten to college--over the next couple of weeks, so I wanted to share a huge sale with you to make your ordering invitations and announcements a much more budget-friendly experience! Tiny Prints is having their best sale of the entire year on graduation announcements and graduation party invitations. And if you've never heard of them before or have been holding off on giving them a try, now's the time for you especially, because from now until May 13, new customers can get 30% off plus free shipping!

Here's how to take advantage of this great offer:
  1. Visit Tiny Prints Graduation Page and browse their selection of more than a thousand designs.
  2. Choose the design you like.
  3. Add pictures, customize the text, and make them awesome in your own way.
  4. When you checkout, use the code GRAD30FS to save 30% and get free shipping (reminder: it's good for new customers only, but if you are a previous customer, you can still save up to 25% using the code GRAD25MAY).
  5. Once you get the cards, announce it to the world. (And make sure to order a few extra as keepsakes!) 
So don't miss out on this huge money-saver! And congratulations to all of you graduates out there--you've made it to the next step, and it just gets better from here. :)

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