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May 20, 2014

Introducing KV Designs + New Features + Giveaway!

I've been so eager to share some exciting developments here on my blog, and today's finally the day! I'm gonna jump right in with the big announcement!


As you can see, at KV Designs I'll be offering custom blog design, whether you're just starting your blog or want to improve or totally redo your current one. I'm also available to proofread and edit for you--perfect for a manuscript headed to publication, an extra-special blog post, or static pages on your blog like your About page, etc.

Please feel free to check out my page for more about me, packages available, and how to get the process started. But first! I'm looking for a few more blogs to design for free to add to my portfolio! If you're interested, please contact me, and we'll get started! (Please note I can only do Blogger blogs though.) Don't miss out, because this offer is first-come, first-serve! I am so, so excited about this latest creative undertaking of mine, and I am dying to start my next blog project. And how can you pass up free??

Meanwhile, we've had a couple of very special weeks here on my blog, and now that we're back to our regularly scheduled programming, I'm making some changes to my weekly features!

So starting this week, here's the new line up:

Wednesdays will be my chance to share anything health-related as I'm on my journey to becoming Katya Valera, from healthy + yummy recipes to health tidbits I've been wanting to share.

Friday Favorites will be replaced with a similar but, I think, more fun feature: My Friday Five!

And for my monthly feature, I'll be continuing a Katya Valera sale on the last Saturday of the month. Short & Sweet will showcase a flash sale in my Etsy shop that's good through the end of the next day--or until the item(s) sell out if that happens first. Things from buy a certain necklace, get matching earrings for free, to huge discounts on specific items. You never know what it'll be!

You'll still be seeing fashion posts, deep thoughts, not so deep thoughts, and of course music and jewelry on here, but there's just a bit more freedom to share whatever I want when I want.

Another change I'd like to share is how I respond to comments. Up until now I've been responding to your all's comments directly underneath them here on my blog, which means you don't get notifications of my replies and never see them unless you come back to look at them. That makes me really, really sad. So I will now be responding to your comments by email--just please make sure you're not a "no reply" blogger, which you can learn how to determine and change, if need be, here. And if it looks like I'm ignoring all my comments, now you'll know why! :)

And before I go, I'd like to share a huge giveaway over at The Freckled Fox that I'm taking part in! The prize is a Canon Rebel T3i camera. Um, can I enter?? Yeah, you don't wanna let that one get away.... It ends the 29th, so go get your name in there!

What do you think of the whole email reply vs. replying directly in the blog issue? Which way do you prefer, as a reader or a blogger? And does your blog need a facelift, or do you know someone whose blog does? You know where to send them--you can't beat free! ;)

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  1. I waaaay prefer replying via email! It would actually make my life easier as a blogger if there were no no-reply bloggers at all! Because I know the likelihood of people checking back on my blog for a reply are slim to none, but at the same time, I don't not want to reply at all, you know?
    Looks like you have a great plan in place! Will definitely keep you in mind if I decide on a blog redesign!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Comments make me happy, and I strive to reply to every one. I almost always reply by email so I can be sure you see my reply, so please make sure you're not a no-reply blogger!