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May 22, 2014

Wednesday Wishes on Thursday

Today I'm linking up with my new friend Anne for Wednesday Wishes. Even though it's not Wednesday. But we do Wellness Wednesday around these parts, and I'm in charge here, so we're doing this on Thursday instead, kay? :D

 Guys, this could be bad. I'm gonna try to restrain myself on all this wish stuff. But here we go.

While we're at it, let's wish I was at the beach too, okay?

~ I wish Jena had won America Idol. Sigh.

~ But since she didn’t, I hope she becomes a ginormous hit once she comes out with her own music. Okay, at least as big as, let's say, Philip Philips. I don’t know if it’s possible for AI winners to reach Carrie Underwood status ever again.

~ I wish I didn’t need to get yet another medical test done for yet another problem.

~ But since I do have to get one, I wish it didn’t take forever and a day to go through the process of getting a test ordered, approved, and all that jazz, and then have the test done and get the results. All I do anymore is wait on various stages of tests.

~ I wish the amazing chicken/rice/veggie soup my husband made me the other day wasn't almost gone. But all good things...

~ I wish the chocolate that I'm allowed to eat on my diet (which is also incredible) wasn't so insanely expensive. Or that we were rich and it didn't matter. Ha! :P

~ I wish the job hunt was just a wee bit easier and that something would work out already.

~ I wish I didn’t have to take all these new supplements I’m starting today.

~ But since I have to, I hope they end up being the missing link in my stomach problems.

~ I wish my ph would go back up and stay there.

~ I wish Christina was coming back to The Voice next season. That made me real sad. ("Say Something" is playing right now...)

~ And I wish Google didn’t make people no-reply bloggers so that I can’t reply to their comments by email. (Take a look here for how to find out if you are one and how to fix it.) 

We could be here a while, so I think that's enough for today. ;)

What do you wish for today? 
If you're an email replier, how do you respond to a comment from a no-reply blogger?

P.S. Also linking up with Lovely Thursdays


  1. Boo to job hunts they are the worst! Fingers crossed for ya.


    1. Yeah, I'm hoping we're about due for a success in that area by now... Thanks honey! =)

  2. Wonderful wishes, I hope those things happen for you too. I DEFINITELY which the job hunt was easy peasy, for us all.

  3. Job hunts really aren't easy! I also wish Christina wasn't leaving The Voice :( Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

  4. I'm so happy you linked up with me...the day of the week doesn't matter!!! I love your wishes. Here are my wishes for you: good health, peace of mind, a new job, a beach getaway, and cheap yet delicious chocolate! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. I usually work weekends but thats all good too, as just a few years ago I could not stand at very long lengths of time and was mostly in a wheelchair to get out the house! so MY wish is for you also to have good health and a lovely day!

    1. Oh dear, Anita, I hope you're doing a lot better now! Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by! Have a lovely day yourself! =)


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