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May 16, 2014

It's Not All I Am, But It's Still Me

I've talked a lot about Fibromyalgia, etc., this week. And the overabundance of it all may make it seem like all my life is about is health problems. While that's partly true, there is still a whole lot more to me than battling a few dozen dysfunctions, going to the doctor every week, and constantly trying to remember to take the right supplements at the right time.

~ I make jewelry and run my happy Etsy shop, Katya Valera.
~ I am becoming a more and more active member of the blogging world and learning more about it than I ever dreamed existed.
~ I'm pretty addicted to shows like Nashville, Friends, the Bachelorette, and The Voice.
~ I'm also pretty addicted to Instagram.
~ I adore Louisa May Alcott and Lucy Maud Montgomery. Yes, more than Jane Austen...
~ I love writing of all kinds.
~ I love "my kind of" fashion, like hi-lo dresses, maxi skirts, lace, wedges, jewelry, and just about anything coral or gold.
~ I love summer and having the windows open and wearing flip flops and tank tops and being at the beach.
~ I love to laugh and do lots of that thanks to my husband's priceless comedic side.
~ I love rain (as long as I'm not driving in it) and hate snow (which is unfortunate since I live in Four Seasons Country).
~ My favorite foods are pizza, cheese, and chicken, even though I can't eat the first two at this point in time.
~ I dream of owning a yorkie, who has been named for years now. (I miss her and we haven't even met yet.)
~ I only buy clothes and shoes and such if they are under $20. Under $10 is even better.
~ I think if you're going to buy jewelry it might as well be either handmade or vintage. Or dirt cheap on sale if it's from a retail store. ;)
~ And if you're gonna buy something you can buy handmade, you might as well go with that option.
~ I think the mountains of my home state are the most beautiful place in the world. They're in my blood.
~ I'm madly in love with my husband of two years and am both anxious and eager for the new things and places the future holds for us.

My health problems are a very big part of me. But they are not all that I am. There is a balance of what to share and what not to share, as I tried to put into words in this post a while back, and I am compelled to share what I can to both help others and simply be me here on my little blog.

Contrary to how less than human chronic illnesses are wont to make one feel, I am still a twenty-something newlywed who loves chocolate, watching The Voice, and meeting one amazing new friend after another here in Blogland. So just in case, please don't let the former keep you away from getting to know the latter. :) And shoutout to lovely people like Mary, Hayley, Joanna, and Lauren who have already made me feel very welcome to this new world. <3

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  1. Ooh I love Friends....and Little Women and Anne! Visiting from Army Ever After!


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