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December 20, 2014

Learning with Craftsy ~ Review

Back forever ago, I was offered a free Craftsy course in exchange for an honest review, and now I'm finally getting around to sharing this company with you!

This post contains affiliate links.

I had only heard of Craftsy just before being offered a class and had no idea how it worked. Turns out, there are all kinds of hands-on classes, taught in several lessons on video. A few of the classes that stood out to me were:

Drab to Fab Furniture Upcycling
Beading with Wire, Chain, and Leather
Cooking Essentials: All About Chicken
Make Your Own Wirework Findings

However, I decided to go with what seemed like the most immediately useful option and chose "Shoot It!" to learn more about product photography.

A few of the perks of classes at Craftsy:

Pace: Once you choose a class, you can watch the videos and learn at your own pace. And once you buy a course, you have access to it forever.

Customization: Since the classes are videos, of course, you can pause and go back as much as you need to, and there is an area at the bottom of your screen for notes. And when you go to type a note, the video automatically pauses.

Resources: The classes are made as easy to follow as possible, as are what you learn in each lesson, as course materials and bonus resources (like checklist for photo sessions) are included. They really can't make things much easier for you--you bring the money and your brain, and they do everything else.

Interaction/Realness: The class begins with the teacher introducing herself  and telling her background just like a "real" class. And there is homework (which, no, I did not do. Because life.) And students are free--and encouraged--to leave comments, post messages, and share their photo homework for critique and advice. While I never took part in that aspect of it, that is a very helpful feature to have and solidifies the confidence that you're learning from real-life, involved teachers.

As far as "Shoot It!" specifically, while a few things talked about felt like no-brainers, I did learn a few things. And the lessons covered all the way from understanding color choice in photography to basic shooting rules to planning a shoot. It included a very wide range of the aspects of product photography and never went too deep.

So overall, I do recommend this site if there is a topic you really want to learn more about and also have a little bit of extra money lying around. Definitely jump on a class when they're having a sale (as they do often), like right now! Today through Christmas Day is Crafty's Best of 2014 Course Sale where classes are $19.99 or less! (Classes are usually more than twice that.) I say go for it--take advantage of the sale and then get started on the class of your choice in the new year!

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  1. That sounds really fun! Especially if you can't find a nearby class! I've always wanted to take a painting class, but they're only offered at senior centers, etc.


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