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December 15, 2014

Return of the Jello Tree

On this Grateful Heart Monday, we're keeping today's post short and sweet: as small a thing as it is, I am grateful our tree is up (as I mentioned on Friday).

Though this is our 3rd Christmas married, this is only our 2nd year to have our own tree, as we were at my parent's last year. So I'm thrilled to have our orange and gold tree back with our teal tree skirt. I call it the jello tree. :D (Orange jello, feel me? Juicy.)

That little toy horse to the right is one of my favorites, and one of our few "special" ornaments, given to me by my grandfather years ago. (I'm thinking I saw it in a store and loved it for some reason I'll never be able to explain, and he bought it and surprised me with it for Christmas. And I am just remembering those details as I write this.) There's also a matryoshka ornament that didn't make it into a picture from my mommy. ;)

See? Jello! :D

And our newest addition, which I didn't realize would go with our decorations so well when I bought it. 10 points if you know what it's from. ;)

So yes, today, I am grateful our tree is up. And, while I'm not big into decorating much else, our few other little decorations, like a nativity from my grandparents and this antique gem also bequeathed to me by my grandparents are out too.

It plays little Christmas tunes. :) I remember it always sat on my grandparents' piano and for some reason they gave it to me one year. I love it. :D

And considering I seem to have an injured hand (thankfully my left), I'm also grateful almost all of my gifts are already wrapped (if the rest would get here in the mail already I'd be done!).

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Come back tomorrow for a Music Love Tuesday all about Christmas music!

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  1. Love that little toy horse, ornaments that have a meaningful story behind them are so special!

  2. you are hilarious- jello tree, ha! It's so pretty! I love going through the ornaments each year, especially when there's a special story behind it!


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