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December 12, 2014

My Friday Five: Nashville Finale, the Opry, and Marsala

Guys, this week was Nashville's Winter Finale. So let's get right to it, shall we?

1~ Please, someone tell me: is this normal for shows to do? I've never heard of a show besides Nashville taking 1-2 week breaks and then having mid-season breaks too. But this episode was pretty near perfect. And didn't end with nothing but chaos but instead the happy view of Rayna's smile through tears. So much better than the "Wait, who got shot?!" finales we've had before.

I gotta say, totally called it as soon as it was mentioned that Gunnar would have to take that test--Micah's his brother's. Poor Gunnar. :( But he was propelled into the arms of Scarlett (poor Scarlett--always taking care of everybody. Those tears were probably as much pent-up emotion from everything else going on as they were for Gunnar's plight), so that is a very good thing! ;) (Can you tell I'm Team Gunnar & Scarlett?) However, it doesn't look good for Layla. I really am not too sure she survived... Which I wouldn't have minded a couple months ago, but she's been pretty intriguing lately.

And Hallelujah, we knew Rayna would come to her senses! Oh, and not to mention the wedding that did happen! Yeah, I'd say it was a pretty great finale. But you know me, I could go on and on with reactions and predictions.

2~ But I'll end the Nashville talk with this tidbit: First of all, are you aware that there is an Opry app so you can listen to the Opry performances for free?? Have I been living under a rock, or is this news to you too? Well, I discovered Sam Palladio, Aubrey Peeples, and Chaley Rose were to perform there last weekend, so we listened to it while we decorated the tree. :D

So of course I was compelled to share that fact on Twitter. And then this happened:

Hoooly! Well, hey there Layla--I mean, Aubrey! And those two favorites are from her and Chaley Rose. :) (Am I the only one who gets super excited about stuff like this?)

So anyway, soon to perform at the Opry are people like Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Kree Harrison, Lennon and Maisy, and Clare Bowen, to name a few, just in the next couple weeks alone. And you can listen to it--live--for free. Yeah, I'm pretty excited.

3~ In other news, I shared a behind-the-scenes look at Katya Valera on Monday, and then also celebrated Katya Valera's 3rd Etsyversary! I totally missed it last year, so I was very careful not to this time.


And I decided to have a sale to celebrate, which ends tonight at midnight! Get 30% off with code Etsyversary3 here!

4~ And speaking of jewelry (kind of), Pantone recently announced the Color of the Year for 2015: "Marsala." Have you seen it?? As soon as I saw it, I said, "Ew." And then dubbed it "glorified brick." Emerald last year was fine, Radiant Orchid this year was stretching it a bit but acceptable, but this? Hideous. I completely agree with this article. And I think Pantone's annual decision has lost the little respect I once had for it...

5~ And it's occurred to me lately that it might not be clear to those who don't have a chronic illness why those of us bloggers who do seem to talk about it so much. So I attempted to explain in this week's Wellness Wednesday.


So! Nashville thoughts? 
Did you already know about the Opry app?
And tell me, what are your feelings about "Marsala"?
Happy weekend!

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