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December 5, 2014

My Friday Five: Crazy Nashville, the Real Clare Bowen, and Some Nights

It's finally/already Friday! Took forever but got here so fast, as always. Time for five things I just have to talk about...

1~ So Nashville was finally back this week--you know that means we have to cover it, right? Felt like forever since the last episode. My summary of this week's: Holy. Crap. As huge as the episode was, I do think I can keep it briefer this time:

 -It was time for Zoey to go. Sorry. (And evidently she really is gone for good!) And Scarlett stepping into her place is fantabulous in so many ways, one of which is that we're one step closer to the reunion of Gunnar and Scarlett. :D I gotta say, the scene of the three of them performing is one of my favorite scenes from Nashville ever.

 -Layla and Jeff Fordham? Really?? Really now?? That wins the award for craziest pair in the history of Nashville. Wa-eird.

 -And Rayna is crazy. And no, there is no way the writers are really gonna kill off Deacon. They would lose most viewers if they did that, and remember--they had a very similar teaser many moons ago of Juliette passed out on her bed. He'll be fine. And Rayna will come to her senses, if not before the wedding, then after when Luke cheats on her/divorces her to gain who knows what all from her.

 -Thank. Goodness. there's another episode next week. I thought we were done till January.

2~ And speaking of Nashville, I shared on Music Love Tuesday about my thrilled-to-death-ness over my tweet being favorited by the one and only Emily West. (Hey, the little things are huge things!) So Wednesday night, this happened:

Hooooly. Emily AND Clare Bowen. Freaking wow.

3~ So I'd been wanting to share briefly about my experience with/love for genealogy for a while now and why I strongly feel that everyone should delve into theirs. If you didn't get to read that post, I'd love for you to take a minute to. :)

4~ I saw this video on Facebook this week--within minutes of waking up (because I get on my phone first thing), it had me laughing out loud. Freaking. hilarious. Even if it was planned and is not actually mom and daughter as many were assuming. I found the full video on Youtube:

5~ Meanwhile, I'm still adding tons of supplies to that section of my Etsy shop--guys, I have so many supplies I've been hanging on to and just have to get rid of what I know I won't use. So you all get to benefit from that! And there's more to come... You can shop them here.


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