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December 24, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: More Chemical-Free Success

I've mentioned before that I am on a journey to remove chemicals from my life. And part of that includes finding new makeup and new shampoo. So I wanted to share these new-to-me companies that I've added to my life lately. (And nope, wasn't asked to do this review--this is all me.)

Turns out, the makeup I've been using for years (largely Maybelline) is not good for you. As is the case with most widely used makeup brands. (Here's one of many resources to give you an idea of how "good" your makeup is.)

So I heard about 100% Pure from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance and really wanted to try it for a while. They have everything from lip balm to nail polish, and their products are made from fruits and vegetables. (You can read more about them here.) So a couple of months ago, I got to finally try them out. Here's what I got (makeup and more) and my opinion of each:

100% Pure Review

Jasmine Green Tea Moisturizer || Thrilled to death to find a moisturizer that is chemical-free and doesn't have shea butter in it. So many of the chemical-free options for anything, from any company, have shea butter in them, which I'm allergic to. My face thanks you, 100% Pure. I don't care for the smell, but I will take what I can get--and hopefully I can try a different scent next time. Also, a little goes a long way, which is great.

Vanilla Bean Body Cream || I went without lotion for a couple of months while waiting to try something like this. (Shaving with coconut oil removed the real need for it on my legs.) As with the moisturizer, I don't care a lot for this smell (I would definitely not describe it as vanilla. It smells kind of like the cheap lotion you're given as a free sample, but again, I will gladly take what I can get). And a very little amount goes a long way, which means this big of a bottle should last forever.

Organic Mint Lip Balm || LOVE this stuff. Love it. And hoping I get some more for Christmas. ;) I've been using Mint Chap Stick (you know, the real brand) my whole life. And I could not live without it. So this lip balm had a lot to live up to. My first impressions were that it does not smell like the same mint as Mint Chap Stick (maybe Wintergreen instead?), which, as with the lotions, I'm willing to sacrifice for quality. But the flavor has since grown on me just fine. My other first impression was that it feels amazing and seems to last a lot longer than Chap Stick. Why was I surprised?? I will gladly pay $6 for "chap stick" that works this well and is chemical free.

Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation: Alpine Rose || Okay, this one is going to be the longest commentary... I first ordered the shade "White Peach" thinking that it was the lightest shade, according to the pictures. But once I got it and used it, it was way too dark for me. Turns out I completely overlooked the "Alpine Rose" shade (my reason is that it was on a separate row from the others, so I totally missed it), and then the photos for "Creme" and "White Peach" were switched, which I emailed them to ask about and found out was the case. My attempt to exchange "White Peach" for the lightest shade was more difficult than it should have been, as I wanted to make sure which was the lightest shade. They were quick to respond to my emailed inquiries but not so quick when I had further questions. Also, one respondent told me "Creme" was the lightest shade, then another told me that "Alpine Rose" was, and the second wouldn't reply when I tried to confirm which was the lightest because of the mixed answers I was getting. So, obviously, I went with Alpine Rose, which is indeed the lightest. They also emailed me this picture guide (which really needs to be completed to include Alpine Rose and then really needs to be on their website ... guess I'm even more pale than the girl on the left?):

Now, as far as the product itself, it initially seemed like it was very hard, but I'm thinking now that's just because it's the winter. Once I really rubbed it with my finger (which I'm guessing warmed it up and got it going), it's much better. It's not as spreadable as the cream foundation I'm used to, but still much better than it was initially, and so far I like it.

Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer: Creme || This was the lightest shade offered for the concealer, and it works. It also is very smooth, more so than the brand I was using.

Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette || This is the biggest "steal" of all. Buying four eyeshadows and a blush would cost three or four times the cost of this palette, so when I found it, I was thrilled. And it's obviously pretty popular, as it was sold out when I found it. I emailed them to ask when it would be back, and they said it was excpected by the coming weekend and that they would email me when it was in. And they did! (What company ever does what they say they'll do right when they say they'll do it??) So, mixed experiences communicating with this company.

As far as the palette itself, I do like it and highly recommend getting it first if you're thinking about ordering blush and separate eyeshadows from them. Plus, having it all in one magnetic container is so convenient.

One note when browsing 100% Pure: make sure to click on all the categories under "Featured" before making your decisions, as for some reason that area contains some items, like the palette above, that should be under other places, like Makeup, but are not.

Overall: Love or at least like what I have, am thrilled that these chemical free versions are as nice as they are, and hope to try out more products from them soon. Next on my list is eyeliner--the one makeup item I haven't yet found a chemical-free, shea butter-free replacement for. I have no plans to ever go back to my old makeup.

Morrocco Method Review

Shampoo || I also found out about Morrocco Method from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance and finally tried their shampoo a couple of months ago. While it is expensive, I do think it's worth it. My favorite flavors are the ones above (you don't have to use all 5 like they claim on the website), and they do smell rather earthy. The feel is very different from the shampoo you're used to, and it does not get sudsy, so you do have to work harder to spread it through your hair and rinse it. It will feel odd at first, but I promise you get used to it. They recommend you wash twice, so I wet my hair first, put a little on the top of my head, back of my head, and closer to the ends to get a head start on spreading it and then wash, focusing on my hair. I rinse well, gently lifting my hair off my scalp with my fingers (kinda like a massage--it feels good). Then I put some shampoo on the top and the back again and wash, focusing on my scalp, like a massage, and rinse well again. It takes longer, but it feels good and cleans so well. My hair even feels a little thicker as I wash it.

Since this shampoo is chemical free, your hair will go through a detox process from the chemicals it's been exposed to for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so mine is still detoxing. Which for me means it feels oily to the touch even when it's not and tends to have an almost wet look to it. I've read that you can make the process go faster by brushing a couple times a day with their Boar Bristle Brushes.

Even though my hair is still detoxing, I've already had some immediate perks: I used to have to wash my hair every other day, and by the time I went that long, my hair was nasty. Now, my hair looks that way a day later than it used to. Win for me! ;) Also, within just a couple of uses, my hair color looked redder--not in a "wow, did you dye it?" way, but almost like the color had gotten duller and darker and dusty over the years (I've never dyed it), and now it's been polished. Which is awesome. (And would make sense, because my hair's natural, un-chemical-ruined color and texture can be released.)

It seems thicker, not that I have more hair growing but that what I do have left from sickness-induced hair loss is thicker. And it is also curlier, which I am not sure (but am hoping) is permanent but may just be part of the detox process.

Overall: While I don't have the final, all-done-detoxing review for you, I love this shampoo so far and plan to keep using it. I have no plans to ever go back to my old shampoo.

I will probably keep trying more chemical-free brands as time goes on, but for now, between 100% pure, Morrocco Method, and the mascara I've shared before, I am so happy to know I've stopped using chemicals on my hair and skin!

I won't be here on Friday for My Friday Five,
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Have a wonderful Christmas, you guys! :)

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  1. The website you linked to with scores is very interesting! Does the coconut oil clog your razor? That would be my only concern! Otherwise, I like the idea of not needing lotion because it would make your skin soft!


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