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December 23, 2014

MLT XI: New and Noteworthy

Even though it's Christmas and, yes, I have been listening to lots of Christmas music lately, I've still been adding new "regular" songs here and there to my rotation and thought I'd share those today. :)

Unfortunately I missed this broadcast but found the video on good old Youtube. How amazing is this?? (So help me, those two belong together. At least in the dream world of Nashville.)

And of course this awesome song from The Voice runner-up, which I tore apart for you on Friday.

I loved this when Jena performed it months ago on AI, and now she's finally released the single. So of course, I bought it.

And I went back through all the Emily West that iTunes could offer and added this one to my collection. Just can't get enough of her...

Plus, she recently released "Chandelier," as I believe I've mentioned before, and even more recently released her music video for it!

One other artist I've recently discovered but that is not on Youtube is Megan James. I was looking at Emily West options on iTunes, as I mentioned, and decided to click on a couple of the suggestions at the bottom, which I don't often do. And as soon as Megan James's clip started playing, she sounded soo much like Emily West. Now, she's not Emily West (no one could be), just has hints of her, but she is really good! I love her song "She Doesn't Know It Yet" from her EP Love Outside the Lines and can only send you to iTunes to preview it, as I can't find it anywhere else.

This girl is so good that I thought surely she had more music out or was about to by now, since the EP was released summer 2013. But in all my internet digging, her Facebook page has been silent since the release of the album, and I can find very little else. Evidently the purpose of the EP was to raise money to bring her adopted children here from another country, and that's all she's released. I can't believe it! It doesn't even look like she's working on any music at all and hasn't mentioned it forever, and that is so sad because, let me tell you, there are hints of brilliance in her EP, and her voice is amazing. I'm as perplexed by her whole situation as I am sad it looks like that's it from her as I am glad I found what I did.

Meanwhile in other music news, looks like 2015's gonna be a big year from the start: Javier Colon, Sylvia Yacoub, Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio, and of course Emily West (and I'm sure more I'm forgetting right now) will all be releasing albums in the next few months, and I am sooo excited. Bet you can't guess which one I'm most excited about! ;)

Are you listening to anything besides Christmas music lately?
Do you have any new favorites?
And have you ever heard of Megan James?

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