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December 2, 2014

MLT VIII: All Is Well and Emily West

Well, I'm still recovering from our trip to Pennsylvania to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. Curiously enough I'm doing worse today than I was yesterday. You know when I don't make dinner and have trouble just using my fingers to edit photos that it's a bad day. But I'll tell you in a minute what made it better for a moment! ;D

But first...

So I decided to watch the CMA Christmas special on ABC on Monday. You know, in the background and switching during commercials to The Voice. I was mostly watching for Clare Bowen and knew Carrie Underwood would be performing but didn't know she would be singing with Michael W. Smith. And then I heard it announced that she would be singing "All Is Well" with him and flipped out. I love that song and hadn't heard it in years. I knew it would be amazing. And it was. Holy. freaking. cow.

It's amazing in a different way from the original choir version but equally fantabulous. Here's the original:

So we'll be buying that, from his new Christmas album, in the near future.

Meanwhile, in other music discoveries, found this on Facebook the other day:

I don't have adjectives sufficient for it except "on repeat."

And in even bigger news, Emily West released 2 singles last night!! Finally "Chandelier" can be taken home and kept forever. :D She also released "Santa Baby," which I've never cared for, but ... it's Emily West! I think it's safe to say that she is officially my favorite singer, period. Ever. 

Here's a reminder of her out-of-this-world AGT performance of "Chandelier."

And in the biggest news of all:

Yeah, that made my day. And maybe week. The REAL Emily West!! In the middle of a rough day, a few giddy scream-squeals was just what I needed. :)

What music are you loving lately? 
Did you watch the CMA Christmas special?
Is anyone out there as excited about Emily West as I am??

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