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December 11, 2014

A Katya Valera Polyvore Winter

A good while back I did my first Polyvore post and then discovered I could include my own pieces in the sets I make. It's been a while since I did a Katya Valera/Polyvore post, and I had so much fun with it back then that I figured it was time for a winter version. :)

As usual, can I just have these clothes??

The casual look: "Jewel Tone Statement"

This set features my purple, silver, and blue statement bib, which I love. It's available here.

Jewel Tone Statement

And here's a close-up of that necklace for you. :)


The Christmas Party Looks: "Christmas in the South"

Set #1 features my dainty silver pendant necklace (last one available here!) and these juicy teal earrings that I would totally wear if my ears could handle even being touched, much less having holes in them with things hanging from them... (earrings available here).

Set #2 features my brand new green and gold bib necklace--so Christmassy! (available here)

Christmas in the South

Another view of the earrings


And the dainty necklace:


And a closer view of the bib necklace:


And the grand finale: "Golden Winter"

You know, for all those award shows and nights at the opera and such we all have in the winter... Can I just please have this dress?? This is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen. I just had to put my clear and gold statement bib with it (available here).

Golden Winter

Another view of the necklace:


And there's lots more where those came from in my shop! Handmade jewelry makes a fantabulous Christmas gift (of course I'm not giving any this year ... yeah right ;) especially when it's one-of-a-kind as many of mine are!

Plus, in case you missed it on Instagram:


Yep, Tuesday was my 3rd Etsyversary, so I'm having a sale to celebrate! The sale is good through this Friday the 12th, so here's your chance to finish up some Christmas gifts and shop small--for a steal! Happy shopping! ;)

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